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 Ingrid Isom Smith is a sassy Southerner, with a witty and gritty style, that will captivate lovers of both literary and contemporary, adult fiction. Her stories are filled with emotion and heart-stopping plot twists that always lead to a satisfying climax; Ingrid brings
real life drama like Smoke's Barbeque Shack, for the grown and sexy. Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Ingrid now resides in Beauregard, Alabama with her husband and four children. The daughter of a librarian, Ingrid's love for writing and her stories come from a colorful life in the South, and years of reading and admiring the works of Terry McMillan and Donald Goines. Ingrid also has a love for series books, influenced by notable authors such as Laura Ingalls Wilder, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Madeleine L 'Engle. Under the alias Red Diamond, Ingrid Isom Smith also penned the fabulous Pole Vault Series. "My alter ego. Red Diamond writes for the exotic dancer, the rapper, and the rebellious risk taker, who all still live inside me." 

Red dIamond

"I wrote The Pole Vaults, because for me it was therapy, and a stripper's story hasn't been correctly or truly captured as of yet; and the strip club is the sixth element of hip hop.  I tried to capture that essence: of the music that drives many of our dreams and tells our stories -- along with the essence of feeling different, lost or misunderstood, adventurous, alluring, risqué, or in love, or just focused on money and survival. Everybody has a story, and the story is never what others feel that it should be. But we all have a right to add our own verse, to this song called life. And we all have a right to dance to it. I created stories for the passionate dreamer, who wants to take a fabulous and taboo ride. I write for those of us who feel it... that burning desire. I hope my novels strengthen the flame that lives inside you." 

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