Smoke's Barbecue Shack

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Welcome to Smoke's Barbeque Shack!
TODAY'S SPECIAL: is all the juicy and nasty gossip going around town about Robert Lee's wife, Marilyn. In the tiny town of Berry, down in Georgia, Marilyn Monroe has got a big secret. And she wants to share it with you. In fact, Marilyn has many secrets; She's lost, lonely, and burning with desire. And Marilyn is ready to blow. Because rib tips, corn pone, collards and catfish, or nothing, can't burn like Smoke. Albert aka Smoke Hackett has got the sauce to die for, and as Marilyn swirls in her storm of secrets and lies, someone commits cold-blooded murder, right there in Smoke's rib shack. Marilyn saw it coming, but when you're sleeping around behind your husband's back, there's not too much time to worry about the dead. Unless you had something to do with it. Right after Smoke won that barbeque contest, four, innocent children were also found dead, down in Berry, Georgia. And I can smell the coals just burning up at Smoke's, as Marilyn Monroe's secrets come alive... PURCHASE YOUR COPY ON AMAZON 

Witches, War and Universe Book I

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Xantos: the most powerful galactic dominion of the universe; where an erotic, insatiable, Transhuman race called the Yon, rules supreme. A legion of moons ago, the Yon's unquenchable quest for even more wealth, power, and Pulsar, resulted in the loss of the moon known as Earth: a secret, that the Yon lie and murder to protect. Before the Earth was pushed away from Xantos, to another galaxy, one last seedling was planted upon its surface to strengthen it. This seedling magically grew, into the giant Pando of Utah.

In the year 2016...

    Three, sorcerous sisters, secretly place one Xantosian child on the planet Earth: under the protection of the giant Pando. His Earth name, is Cody Kibbleton.  On the eve of the intergalactic War of the Seven Moons, Cody Kibbleton will return to Xantos as King Nemesis of Xexxus.

    Protected by the Necromancers, Gypsies, and Daughters of Concubine, the  soul of Marsool grows inside Cody... as the blood of Xexxus, the royal  family of Xantos, flows through his veins. Come, ride the dragons,  inhale the Xafari leaf, drink the Liquid of the Lustflower, and indulge  in the scandals of Yon royalty under the current reign of King Xanclave  of Xexxus. As the Last Bard of the Righteous, and the witches of  Xonamoon, await the true king's return.

Dirty Magic

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 84 year old Luther Jackson, spins a tale of cotton and corruption, when he explains how the Mulatto Mob Queen: Magical Wiggins,along with the Chicago Mob, defeated the Ku Klux Klan. It happened way back in 1929, down in Cotton Heaven, Alabama. Take a ride with Luther Jackson and his best friend Fat Can, through the dirty South Whiskey Run, all the way to Renaissance Harlem, New York... But be careful... Magical might just cast a voodoo spell on you...

Juju, the magic that Ol' Man Wiggins was talking about before his tongue got cut out and he got lynched,was just the tip of the iceberg. You see, Magical Wiggins enlisted the help of Madame Queen and Luther Jackson, to hit a big score in Chicago before she disappeared, and she kept it all a secret. And according to Luther Jackson, the money's still there...