the legend of BABY D

Wattpad Exclusive: The role of Baby D is portrayed by August Alsina #1 Crime Drama

She was green until she met Baby D... 

Keesha Bradley is a spoiled an innocent 14 year old with startling green eyes, and the high school girlfriend of 17 year old street legend Baby D. But unbeknownst to her: Baby D had no plans on ever letting go of her, and he took her for his own, right before he came up with a genius idea, and began transporting hundreds of pounds of cocaine for the Esperanza Cartel... Green is for her eyes, the innocence, the money, the naïve, the weed, and for the jealousy that turns Baby D's world upside down. And with a vengeance like no other, Baby D takes the crown, and becomes the youngest and most amazing cocaine trafficker in our nation's history: The youngest KING.