The Players

Jacqueline Williams as Vanessa "Butta" Truman

"It took all of my being and energy to play the part of somebody so mean, ugly and evil. But deep down I realized that Butta just never knew love, so I tried to channel that to make her human." 

Bigg Face Deville as Teddybear Buford

One half of the hip hop crew known as Gutta South, he delivers theme song "Po Some Yak" to the Butta Soundtrack and nails the role of the smooth pimp slash owner of Club Teddy Bears. He says,"It was easy playing Teddy Bear Buford. He was a pimp from the streets."

DJ Jelly as Himself

The internationally known Atlanta Deejay aka Gatekeeper of Atlanta Hiphop, created the entire soundtrack to Butta, and portrayed himself, as his career and influence pioneered the Atlanta hip hop sound. 

Rissa Reign as Arriana Pitts AKA Trouble

This fire femcee gives it her all as the infamous Trouble turned ReeLee Risque, delivering a command performance, and contributing theme song "Can You Feel It" and the hit "Get the Picture" to the Dipped in Syrup soundtrack. 

MacDuddy South as Tuck Gotti

The go hard rapper and producer from Riverdale, Georgia gets "duddy" with it, as Tuck Gotti and contributed the theme song "My Addiction" to the Addiction soundtrack.

Anika Woods the face of Fawn Mullins AKA Addiction

Introducing Wykira Hamilton as Evergreen (Lakeesha Bradley)

The face of  the beautiful and innocent Evergreen, Wykira enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics, modeling, and beating up her big brothers. 


 One half  of rap duo Gutta South, Red shines in his role as smooth talking Smoke Hackett, of Smoke's Barbeque Shack. Red also contributed the theme song "Smoke", along with "In Da Breeze" and "Sinner's Prayer" on the Butta soundtrack.